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frozen treats crafted with purpose.

Gelato New York is a frozen desserts wholesale manufacturer, providing innovative kosher quality products locally and nationwide. The company has been in the forefront of the industry and offers manufacturing of products such as wholesale gelato, wholesale ice cream, wholesale ice cream mix, wholesale frozen yogurt, co-packing and private label.


We believe in real quality ice cream, gelato, and other frozen desserts. We’ve helped keep ice cream cool by integrating the basics behind the art of handcrafted processes into modern techniques. Our purpose is to provide our clients with top quality, fresh, unique products that matches their needs and visions.


Our clientele ranges from smaller start ups to large scale companies. Whether you are looking to create a new frozen dessert; brand a product for re-sale; sell one of our brands in a retail store, restaurant, or add to your already existing distribution line, we will work with you personally and help turn your vision into a successful and quality product.


Take a look around and see how Gelato New York can fulfill your needs and help create more dessert options for you and your customers.


we're located in new york because its awesome here.

As you picked up by the name, Gelato New York is based in New York! Home to many artists, chefs, scientists, businesses, and 6 million unique individuals, we draw inspiration from this concrete jungle’s energies and innovation and source fresh milk and cream from local farms.


We’re committed to manufacturing responsibly and implement sustainability practices that are in line with the community and environment.


Gelato New York’s factory is certified kosher as well as licensed by New York State DAM, Div. of milk control & dairy. We directly distribute to businesses in the NYC area and manufacture for many businesses across the U.S. and Canada. 

our factory
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