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awesome things.


Getting things right is important.

We employ a unique method and build process which allows us to make engaging products.


Our services cover everything from wholesale manufacturing to private label, product development and creative solutions.


We are not a typical ice cream maker.

gelato new york
Fresh n' Tasty!

Gelato New York produces high quality bulk quantities of gelato, ice cream, and other frozen desserts to restaurants, distributors, catering companies, and businesses.


So what do we do? The majority of our production line includes:


  • Wholesale ice cream

  • Wholesale gelato

  • Wholesale frozen yogurt

  • Wholesale sorbet

  • Wholesale ice cream mix

  • Wholesale gelato mix

  • Other customized frozen desserts…


Have something else in mind?

We love creating new things. Click here to let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be glad to help.


ice cream

co packing
We help geniuses bring their ideas into the world.

Gelato New York offers service options for business owners looking to market and distribute delicious frozen desserts. The private label option allows businesses and promoters to offer any selection of gelato, ice cream, or frozen yogurt flavors branded with their specific package. Whether you’re looking to turn your grandma’s recipe into a hit on supermarket shelves or to co-pack your already existing brand, we’ve got your back.


If you’re a distributor, we can help produce frozen desserts with your name to add to your line.  


All private labels are available in a wide range of distribution sizes, flavors, and textures. Gelato New York provides short manufacturing runs of customized flavors and personal order sizes, enabling growing companies to progress at their rate. 

co packing


Gelato goodies

One of our brands is Mia Chef Gelateria. A booming business, its success has been based on handcrafting fresh ingredients using delicious recipes. Mia Chef Gelateria is one of the top places to get gelato in New York and is well known for its culinary school where individuals from all over the world can partake and learn about the art of gelato making.


Mia Chef Gelateria makes gelato in house every day, using more than a thousand different recipes to produce some of the best flavor choices around. The tradition of making gelato dates back hundreds of years in Italy, and the treat is now enjoyed worldwide.


To visit in person or just to read:

wholesale gelato new york
we know ice cream

With years of experience in the industry, we help and support clients with a range of services. We make it our priority to stay up to date with the most innovative food technologies and industry trends. Our expert consultants and experienced chefs are available for product development; recipe formulation; packaging; or establishing a frozen desserts retail shop.


Beyond saving crucial funds, finding the right consultant means not being alone in the process. If you want us on your side, click here to connect with us. 



gelato new york
wholesale ice cream new york
wholesale gelato new york
gelato new york
gelato new york
wholesale gelato new york
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